Image by Steve Johnson



In a culture of technology the purpose of a program or organization may mimic the behavior of a machine - transform raw input into a refined output. In a culture of efficiency, programs and managers may place priority on money, time, and profit/loss to maximize productivity and achieve desired goals.


The art of compassion, however, resists reducing people to inanimate things or profit and loss. Compassion refuses to outpace the slowest runner in the contest.


The staff and volunteers of Reaching Our City are artists in residence..they look at the world a little differently, they encourage each other to draw outside the lines, they search for light and beauty in a world of darkness and despair.


The art is displayed when an interviewer in the food pantry patiently digs through desperation and distrust to discover that client's need for food is rooted in a broken family relationship.


The art is visible when a nurse in the clinic points a patient to healing of mind and spirit in addition to physical wellness. The art is beautifully revealed when senior adults run, jump, and sing with the very deserving children of our daycare.


At Reaching Our City, we prepare the canvas for Christian workers to engage the hungry, the cold and the lonely of our community. We mix the colors so brushstrokes of beauty are revealed in everyday heartscapes.


Reaching Our City is a masterpiece in progress - a living work of art full of motion and life, multi-layered, a composition of countless volunteers and staff, the brushstroke of the Master's Hand.


We can work with individuals or groups to provide meaningful short or long term experiences. 

Volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Food Pantry & Other Food Service Work 

  • Resale Shop

  • The Vine

  • Afterschool Tutoring & Mentoring

  • Children & Youth Workers

  • Buildings & Grounds Projects

  • College Student Internships